In Provence every charming village and town has its own market day.  

We have listed the ones that we prefer and hope that you will also enjoy seeing them during your stay in Provence.



Flower market,  Place des Carmes every Saturday morning.
Marché au Puces (flea market),  Place des Carmes every Sunday morning.
Marché couvert dans les Halles (Covered Market, fresh produce) and Marché des Remparts (crafts)  every Saturday morning;


    *AIX EN PROVENCESaturday morning.
    *ST REMY DE PROVENCEWednesday and Saturday morning.
    *UZESSaturday morning.
    *NIMESWednesday and Friday morning.
    *SAINTES MARIES DE LA MERFriday morning.


    *APTSaturday morning, Tuesday morning from June to October.
    BONNIEUXFriday morning.
    ROBIONThursday morning.
    *CAVAILLONMonday morning.
    *COUSTELLETFarmers market Sunday mornings all through the summer.
    GORDESTuesday morning.
    LACOSTETuesday morning.
    LAURISMonday morning.
    *LOURMARINFriday morning.
    MENERBESSaturday morning.
    OPPEDE LE VIEUXSaturday morning.
    PERTUISWednesday and Saturday mornings.
    ROUSSILLONThursday morning.
    ST SATURNIN LES APTTuesday morning.

    Mont de Vaucluse and Pays des Sorgues

    LE THORWednesday and Saturday mornings.
    *ISLE SUR LA SORGUEMarché Provençal Sunday and Thursday.  Antique markets
    *VELLERONMarché agricole (local farm produce) every day at 6 pm from 15th of April until 30th of September, Tuesdays,

    Fridays and Saturday at 4.30 pm from 1st of October to 15th of April.

    Mont Ventoux

    BEDOINMonday morning.
    CAROMBTuesday morning.
    CARPENTRASFriday morning.
    MAZANMonday morning.
    MONTEUXWednesday and Saturday .   Brocante (flea) markets Sunday mornings.
    MORMOIRONSundays from the 1st of April until 31st of December.
    PERNES LES FONTAINESSaturday morning.
    SAULTWednesday morning.

    Provence  (Haut Vaucluse) near Orange

    BEAUMES DE VENISETuesday morning.
    BOLLENEMonday morning.
    CHATEAUNEUF DU PAPEMedieval market, 1st weekend of August.
    MALAUCENEWednesday morning.
    *ORANGEThursday morning.
    RICHERENCHESMarché aux truffes (truffle market) Saturday morning from November to March
    SERIGNAN DU COMTATWednesday morning.
    *VAISON LA ROMAINETuesday morning and Sunday mornings in July and August.
    VALREASWednesday morning.  Truffle market Wednesday mornings November to March.

    HOURS FROM 8.00 hr until 14.00 hr
    * These are bigger markets in the region.