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Aix en Provence 

Aix en Provence takes its name from the thermal springs discovered by the Romans in the year 123 before J.C.
It was the Capital of the Provence in the XV century and a very prosperous town with beautiful bourgeois homes and private mansions, ancient fountains and shady streets.

Many painters and writers have been inspired by this charming town: Guigou, Stendhal, Mistral, Zola and Cézanne.
Aix en Provence boasts magnificent architecture exceptionally well preserved and restored.
The Cour Mirabeau, apart from its lively cafés and restaurants, is a beautiful avenue to stroll down while admiring the many private mansions and their beautiful sculptured windows, doors and balconies.
Every summer the International Festival of Lyric Art and Music presents divas and maestros for the public's delight and the Dance Festival is also Internationally famous.